Services offered by Customs Agency EURUS

Under the authorisations granted to us we offer the following customs services:
- customs clearance within the release for free circulation procedure (import),
- customs clearance within the export procedure,
- support for economic procedures: inward and outward refinement, temporary customs clearance, bonded warehouse, etc.
- filling in TIR lorry passes and CMR bills of lading,
- declaring at the Belorussian and Russian custom house (EPI),
- legalization of certificates of origin, EUR1,
- preparing and submitting INTRASTAT statistical declarations,
- lodging of appeals and other requests to be reviewed by the customs authorities,
- excise duties on passenger cars imported from the EU (AKC-U excise declaration and VAT-24 return to the inland revenue),
- services for natural persons: resettlement property services, importing parcels,
- customs consultancy services
- storage services.

  Agencja Celna EURUS

   Marta Goworowska
   Grzegorz Januszkiewicz s.c.

   ul. Octowa 3/17
   15-399 Białystok
   Tel. +48 85 733 35 81
   Kom. +48 515 109 004